Articles and reviews have been written about our knot cards in over a dozen magazines. Additionally, we constantly receive nice comments from retail customers - read a few that are reprinted below.


Just a note to thank you for the  extraordinary service. Great product fairly priced and very quickly  delivered. What more could a person ask?” -Richard E

The Fisherman's Ultimate Knot Guide is a great little guide worth  the money takes up very little room and keeps the rust out when it's  been awhile since you tied those knots.
- Jason F

find it very helpful. Good price. Fast shipping.
 -J. D

This is a great starter to intermediate knot tying manual.  'Ultimate' might be stretching it but it's close. Definitely adequate!  You would be 'the man' if you mastered every knot in this manual! The  envy of every other deck hand for sure!
 ciao, Scott P.

These cards are great to have in my pack. The instructions are  clear and easy to follow, and all the cards are held together well. You  can't go wrong with these.
 -Bryan S

Knots for any situation, depicted with easy to follow diagrams.  What every outdoor enthusiast needs, and at a very nice price. I love  surprising friends with these as gifts!
 -Mike S

This is an excellent product I purchased the Saltwater edition for 1 tackle box and the Freshwater edition for my other, it's an excellent reference. The plastic coating makes it waterproof, cleanable and  durable. Thank You!

These are the handiest things I've found for my tackle box. The  illustrations are easy to follow and make tying knots a breeze! I highly recommend them.

These are the knots I needed but never had time to memorize.  Diagrams are easy to read & follow. Tucks away neat & looks like it'll last forever!

I was so impressed with my first order I am ordering more!
-Phil W.

The plastic is thin enough to be lightweight, heavy enough to be  durable. Well worth the price, although I did get mine at a big discount store it was the same price as here.

Buy it, use it, love it; enough said.



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