The Knot Card Story

The story of the invention of our water-proof plastic "Knot Cards" begins with a  fishing/scuba diving trip to the Sea of Cortez, off the Baja California coast near Bajia de las Angeles. John Sherry (company founder) and his fishing buddy Marty Feducia had been fishing primarily for tuna, dorado and large grouper on the trip. Consequently, heavy tackle was being used with 20 to 30 pound test mono. Marty however, had brought along one light tackle rig and switched to it during a long lull in the action. He immediately began picking up scads of small bass off the bottom that hadn't been interested in the  heavy handed offerings.

Watching your buddy have all the fun is enough to make any angler switch tactics in a heart beat. So, John figured he'd take a heavy rig and tie on a light line leader with some line borrowed from Marty. Trouble was, John couldn't remember how to tie the two lines together with a blood knot.

Here, deep in Baja, was the moment of inspiration. For in addition to fishing, they were also there to scuba dive. Divers have waterproof plastic cards that they carry with them on dive trips that provide the critical info they need between dives. "Someone should print fishing knots on plastic and then you could have them with you when you are fishing." John thought. Well, upon returning home he did just that and test marketed the first set of waterproof plastic knot cards in Southern California. They were a big hit in tackle stores and more were quickly printed. It followed that rope knots on plastic cards would be a benefit to boaters, hikers, kayakers, etc., and that proved to be true too.

Now, nineteen years later the company's knot cards are the best selling knot references in the USA. They are sold in some of the largest chain stores and mail order catalogs in the country, as well as over one thousand small fishing tackle and outdoor stores. They are even the #1 selling knot ”book” on It seems a lot of folks agree it was a good idea

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